Our Solution

The RevoBand

Your RevoBand collects your data and connects to your phone via bluetooth, wifi or 2G.

The RevoAid™ App

Your RevoAid™ app to check all your activities and keep track of your vitals.


Dashboard Proprietary online portal where the doctor can remotely monitor and review a patient’s vital signs collected by the RevoBand.


Track health metrics, activity, sleep, breath training and more for real time information about your daily activities.


Connect your RevoBand to the RevoAid App™ as information syncs to the App automatically and check your progress anytime you want.


Monitor your daily activity and health metrics in your Dashboard or use it to send a copy online to the Doctor of your choice.


Information will be securely stored to the Cloud with an easy access to your everyday data.


Motivate your friends and family to join you in making a difference where Health, Fitness and Safety is accessible with one device.


Dashboard is a first in our industry, enabling the Medical Professionals to review not only spot readings (e.g. Blood Pressure or Heart Rate) but also trends (assisted by Artificial Intelligence) and to call the user in for a check-up if he sees anything of concern. Using grade sensors, a RevoBand delivers real time metrics ranging from ECG/PPG, BP, HRV, HR, to stress levels, vascular elasticity, sleep patterns, SP02 levels and so on.

24/7 Support

We have a skilled team of trained professionals in our Exceptional Care Center who provide round-the-clock monitoring for the users regardless of time zone or geographical location.

Explore RevoAid™ Pro App


ECG+PPG with Playback

Real-time electrocardiogram graphic can be shown on the app when Bluetooth is connected and support ECG Playback for Doctor reference. Also full ECG can report can be exported to send to Doctor online.

HRV Reading

Analyze your heart beat data and give you professional Health Report to remind you of more effectiveness exercise method. Also, you can check your weekly, monthly, yearly data to know your average heart rate during a time.

Stress Tracker

Learn to identify which types of events or situations trigger stress, monitor your stress levels via RevoBand H100 Pro and take the steps necessary to help yourself live healthier and longer lives.

Heart Rate Monitring when Exercise

RevoBand H100 Pro monitors real-time heart rate 24/7. You can check the heart rate changes and zone everyday by App smart alert for abnormal heart rate.

Blood Pressure

A vital and precious sign in our body, gives us the ability to view differences over time through our RevoAid™ Pro App. Everyday data is stored within our servers and any changes in the pattern will immediately be picked up by the algorithm.

Sleep Tracker

The sleep screen will be populated if you wear your RevoBand in bed to track your sleep. Your total sleep time and sleep condition will be shown in the middle, then you will get the data of your average heart rate when sleeping, the deeply sleep time.


Activity Tracker

Every steps you take, every calorie you burn, your active and exercise minutes, even your BPM while workout is stored with a weekly, monthly, and yearly report.

Goal Setting

Whether it is your goal to have 10,000 steps or more per day, or have 8 hours of sleep, you can set it on your RevoAid™ Pro App and check your progress.

Activity History

View your productivity in history. Your activities today, yesterday and even last month with detailed information about your active minutes, distance, calories burned, and total exercise time.

Multi-Sport Mode

Smart sports, healthy life. Choose the activity or sport to challenge yourself and see results at your Activity History. Remember, it takes discipline and determination to achieve the healthier you.


Smart Notifications

You no longer need to miss any important people or event as your RevoBand will vibrate to notify you. You can choose what notifications you would like to receive in the Device Setting, whether it is Incoming Call, SMS, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Smart Reminder

Whether you need to be reminded about taking your medicine, drink water, eat your food, take a sedentary alert or even just an ordinary alarm, your RevoBand H100 Pro can do it for you.

Sedentary Alert

Set the reminder of exercise interval, which can help develop good habits. You can also your activity day. Activate Sedentary Alert in your Device Setting.

Find Phone

Don't panic when you've misplaced your phone. Turn on Find Phone on Device Setting of your App so whenever you tap Find Phone in your RevoBand, it rings.