We are a family orientated business that focuses on family safety and health. It all started when one of our family members slipped on the bathroom in 2014, and due to several circumstances, no one was there to help, and he was not missed by anyone for the next 2 days. It all went well with just a broken hip, but it made us start on this project in 2016 as a family project and led us to where we are today.

We believe that the dignity and privacy of loved ones under managed care can be protected simply and effectively; while giving families, emergency response services, and personal attention; all contributing to a higher quality of life. But RevoAid™ is not only about detecting vitals for wellness and prevention but also security that could save people’s lives with the help of a wristband, we call a RevoBand and that could change the world for the better.

We focus on state-of-the-art technology, with affordable price options. We are based out of Cebu and have a large family operated call center with over 700 employees, including nurses and doctors for monitoring your Vitals 24/7.

There is a personalized value in all of this, but RevoAid™ takes this to a new level, connecting all the data to the Cloud through AI Servers, then the servers will analyze the incoming data and give you a personalized safe zone based on your vitals. Finally, this data is read by our team of skilled doctors and nurses in the Care Center, to make sure your personalized data is correct. The Service Center is the heart of our intelligent system, connecting all the data, centralized AI algorithms, and personalized service through our skilled team. This can be described as your online, 24/7 ‘bedside’ doctor and health assistance. At any given time you can order your data from the Care Center to be viewed by your own doctor. This way we save thousands of pesos, and maybe thousands of lives.

The RevoAid revolution is not just about a wearable device, which is literally the visible tip of the figurative iceberg. The other 8/9ths of the RevoAid solution is everything that happens which you can’t see. It is making your health more sustainable, more socially-responsible, more local, and more secure at all times.